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Are you tired of bats invading your home? Critter's Wildlife Management LLC is your trusted source for bat removal in the state of Nebraska. Big brown bats and small brown bats are the 2 different kinds of bats that are likely in your home right now. Trust us to remove bats from your premises, including walls, today.

Breeding season for bats in Nebraska occurs in June and July. Bats eat thousands of bugs each night and can cause odors that attract more bat colonies.


If you have a bat problem, get it solved today.

Did you know that 1 in 5 homes has bats? That's why you need to choose us for bat removal work.

Count on our locally-owned company for amazing bat removal services.


Since bats impose health concerns like histoplasmosis, bat bugs, dander, and rabies, it's important to remove them from your home.

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Critter's Wildlife Management LLC offers a 2-year warranty on all bat removal services.


Seniors and Military will also receive 10% discounts.

Awesome bat removal warranty

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